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Wellview – Neuropsychology Services

Wellview – Clinical Neuropsychology

We have established close and reputable relationships with other health professionals including psychiatrists, psychologists, general practitioners, neurologists, exercise physiologists and dieticians, for a well-rounded and holistic approach to assessment and rehabilitation.

Comprehensive Adult Neuropsychological Assessments

What is the aim of the assessment?
To objectively measure your thinking functions (such as memory, concentration, reasoning etc) and to determine your cognitive strengths and weaknesses.

Is a referral required for this assessment?
Yes, a referral from your GP or specialist is required. Each referral is considered based on appropriateness. We reserve the right to decline cases which we assess as unsuitable for our neuropsychological areas of expertise. In these cases, we will endeavour to make suggestions to the referrer for the provision of the services required.

What is the age range for referrals?
While we specialise in older-adult neuropsychiatry, we also accept referrals for patients aged 18 years and over, encompassing a range of conditions affecting cognitive functioning.

What does the assessment include?
The assessment includes a clinical interview to obtain background medical/psychiatric/lifestyle information relevant to your case. Your thinking functions will also be assessed. Following the assessment, a comprehensive report will be sent to your referring clinician. Every patient will also be offered feedback regarding the results of the assessment. In some complex cases, this may involve coming in for an additional face-to-face consultation. This will be discussed with you either at the time or soon after your initial assessment.

How much does the assessment cost?
The fee for a standard neuropsychological assessment is based on the Australian Psychological Society’s schedule of recommended fees, and costs approximately A$1,200 (GST exempt). Please also note that additional fees may be incurred for some assessments. For example, this may be due to the complexity of the case and/or additional time involved in the assessment, information-gathering (including research and obtaining additional relevant medical/clinical history) and formulation of the report, or if the neuropsychologist is required to appear before a legal counsel.

Is there a rebate for this assessment?
Medicare rebates are not yet available. Some private health funds may cover part of the fee for a neuropsychological assessment; however it is the responsibility of the patient to enquire with their respective health fund regarding available rebates.

Are Workers’ Compensation and Department of Veteran Affairs (DVA) cases accepted?
Yes, we welcome assessments related to Workers’ Compensation as well as referrals for DVA patients. However, please note that we require written approval of payment from the relevant agency prior to accepting the referral.

Are guardianship or capacity referrals accepted?
Yes, we accept guardianship and capacity referrals.

Are Medico-Legal referrals accepted?
Yes, medico-legal referrals may be accepted, however information from third-parties, (e.g. solicitors, insurance companies) is required prior to acceptance of the case.