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Dr Jane Lonie

Dr Jane Lonie

— MSc Clin Neuro PhD MAPS CPsychol AFBPsS

Dr. Lonie completed an undergraduate psychology honours degree and a Clinical Neuropsychology Masters degree at Macquarie University in 1999. She moved to Edinburgh, Scotland, shortly after, where she worked as a Clinical Neuropsychologist for over 10 years at a major Teaching Hospital Memory Clinic.

Within this capacity Dr. Lonie provided specialist diagnostic assessment services to adult and older adult patients with memory problems and other forms of cognitive impairment. She was also a Lecturer for several under- and post-graduate Psychology and Psychiatry courses affiliated with the University of Edinburgh.

In 2010 She completed a PhD with the University of Edinburgh’s Department of Psychiatry, investigating neurocognitive markers of early and pre-clinical Alzheimer’s disease.

In addition to working in a private consulting capacity, Dr. Lonie is an Honorary Associate of Macquarie Centre for Cognitive Sciences (MACCS) and Macquarie University Psychology Dept. She is also a Clinical Supervisor and the Clinical Neuropsychology Field Placement coordinator for students completing the combined Clinical Neuropsychology/PhD course at Macquarie University.

Dr Lonie also provides an outpatient based Neuropsychology service to the Neurology Clinic of Macquarie University Hospital and to clients of The Royal Rehabilitation Centre in Sydney.

She is author of a number of peer reviewed articles in the area of dementia and maintains a special interest in provision of medico-legal opinion in matters pertaining to testamentary capacity, capacity to appoint powers of attorney and guardianship.

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